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What are essential oils?

Have you ever breathed in the sweet perfume of a fresh rose, basked in the smell that a peeled orange emits, or savored the crisp scent of recently chopped mint? If so, then you have already experienced the aromatic quality of essential oils.

Essential oils are all-natural, powerful, and effective compounds extracted from plant parts such as the flower, leaves, stem, bark, or root. They are often called the life blood of the plant because they transport nutrients throughout the plant. Essential oils do amazing things for us like improve everyday well-being, enhance nourishment, and support good health.
Essential Oils

How do you use essential oils?

This was one of the questions I had when I was researching essential oils. I knew that they smelled good and supported good health…but how? Well, now they have found a place in my everyday life! I use essential oils aromatically (inhalation), topically (on the skin), and internally (I eat them). I diffuse them into the air to energize us in the morning, make us sleepy in the evening, or to clear our sinuses. I use them to replace toxic chemicals in my cleaning supplies. Other ways I use them are to soothe head tension, support our immune systems, encourage healthy skin and hair, or even to enhance the flavor in dishes!



You smell it.

Diffuse into the Air • Smell Open Bottle • Smell on Hands • Put Some Drops on a Cotton Ball



On your skin.

Apply with or without a Carrier Oil • Behind Ears • On Feet • Along Spine • Over Desired Area



You eat it.

Mixed in Food or Beverages • In a Capsule • Placed Under Tongue • Placed on Roof of Mouth

Why Young Living?

I spent more than a year researching essential oils and essential oil companies. I found that many inexpensive oils–like those found in health food stores or on Amazon (including ones which are often falsely labeled Young Living)–were full of unhealthful fillers or impure oils, making them more detrimental to health than supportive.

Then I discovered Young Living. With their industry leading experience {20+ years in business}, meticulous Seed to Seal quality process that surpasses USDA organic standards, and dedication to providing the purest essential oils on the market, Young Living was the obvious choice!

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Top 10 FAQs

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Do I have to buy a Premium Starter Kit to get a wholesale membership?

No. You can purchase the Basic Starter Kit (which includes all of the items under “The Basics” above), but this kit has nowhere near the value and savings that the Premium kits offer. Plus, you may not be qualified for sign-up promos with this lesser kit. However, you would still receive a 24% discount on future purchases.

Can I purchase oils and products without becoming a wholesale member?

Yes, you can purchase products as a Retail Customer. However, this means that you have to pay full price for everything. Signing up as a Wholesale Member (which is done simply by purchasing a starter kit) means that you will save 24% on your Young Living purchases.

Which diffuser is the right one for me?

Young Living currently offers 5 different diffuser styles with their diffuser Premium Starter Kit. You can learn more about choosing the right one here.

Do the essential oils come with all of the kits?

Yes and no. Yes, all of the starter kits come with a 5 ml bottle of the Stress Away blend plus some sample essential oil packets. But not all of them come with the Premium Essential Oils Collection. Only the diffuser kit includes these useful oils to kick start your oily adventure.

Do I have to sell Young Living if I sign up?

Nope. You can if you want to, but it is not a requirement. You will still enjoy the 24% wholesale member discount!

Are there any minimum purchases I must make after joining?

To maintain your wholesale membership, you must only spend 50 PV (PV stands for Personal Volume and 50 PV is equivalent to approximately $50) per year. The only other minimum spending requirements come if you sign up for Essential Rewards or wish to pursue your own Young Living business.

What are Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards are points you get back for making regular Young Living purchases that can be spent for free products later. You can learn more about Essential Rewards here.

Do I have to keep any inventory or send any packages if I sell?

No and no. Young Living stores and ships everything, so there is no bulky inventory and you are not required to send anything to anyone.

How do I access the exclusive bonuses?

You should receive an email from me (coming from a domain email) within a week of signing up with Young Living. This email will contain information on how to access the EO 101 eCourse and the Exploring the Premium Starter Kits ebook as well as how to join our private Team Natural Facebook group. If you don’t receive this email within a week after signing up, feel free to send me a reminder email.

How do I learn more about the Seed to Seal quality process?

You can learn all about it, including videos, here.


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